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Evaluation test #14583/2017

Microscopical diagnosis of paratuberculosis can be confirmed:
Ziehl-Neelsen staining reveals the pink bacilli, mainly in the cytoplasm of macrophages and giant cells.
Con tinciones para la pared celular de los macrófagos, como Tricrómico de Masson.
Silver staining is specific for the wall of the bacilli.
With immunohistochemistry for the detection of intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies.

La paratuberculosis:
Serious zoonotic disease that never causes macroscopic lesions in goats.
In the pulmonary form, granulomatous pneumonia is common.
The thickening of the ileal mucosa, with a cerebral aspect, is one of the most characteristic macroscopic lesions.
Little contagious disease that affects individual animals in a herd.

The histological appearance of paratuberculosis is characterized by:
It is common to observe a mixed inflammatory infiltrate, composed of lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages and Langhans giant cells.
The inflammatory response is characterized by a suppurative enteritis in which there is no component of macrophages and giant cells.
It is common to observe inclusion bodies in the cytoplasm of macrophages and giant multinucleated Langhans cells.
Absence of inflammation, with numerous foci of necrosis.

Clinically bovine showing "papo" (submandibular edema), wasting, diarrhea and edema in declining areas is typical of:
Mucosal Disease (BVD/MD).
Losing enteropathies of proteins following chronic enteritis.

Upon necropsy in the countryside:
The tissues in formaldehyde should be kept refrigerated and in glass containers.
Only the most affected organ should be sampled.
The samples should be kept frozen to preserve the tissue better for histopathological study.
The samples obtained at necropsy for histopathology should be preserved in 10% formaldehyde in a volume of 1:10.

Histologically, the main lesion is:
Scarce lesions with intranuclear inclusion bodies.
Erosive processes in the esophagus.
Granulomas in the small intestine, mainly ileum.
An ulcerative injury in the lung.