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Histological study #14583/2017

Histological study #14583/2017
Reference: 14583-2017
Date: 21/05/2017
Staining: Hematoxylin-eosin

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In ileum, caecum and colon samples. With low magnification a multinodular formations in the ileum were observed frequently with coalescent tendency give place extend sheet in mucosa and submucosa. This pattern is characterized by an intense inflammatory infiltrate expanding the lamina propria of the villi and crypts was observed. This inflammatory infiltrate is mainly composed by macrophages or/and epithelioid cells in the centre area, so as lymphocytes and plasma cells in the outlayer of nodular structures. An a few giant multinucleated Langhans-type cells were seen intermixed in the limit band between macrophages and lymphocites.

A multifocal eroded foci of the superficial epithelium is observed. The ileum villi are shortened and markedly thickened; multifocally, the villi are fused (atrophy and fusion of the villi of the ileum).